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2018 – 2019 – PTA – Friends of CPS – Office Bearer Election

Another vital way of connecting home and school is through the partnership created with our PTA (We call it Friends of CPS). Whilst our PTA has been quite quiet over this year, the school really needs your support to organise exciting events and raise much needed funds for your children.
I wish to thank Mrs Rosemary Peters for all her hard work in successfully being awarded £10,000 from Awards for All with a second application in the pipeline. We need however a representative group of parents, teachers and pupils to drive our programme vigorously this year. We don’t need to meet that often (once a term) and we can meet at a time that suits you! (even during the school day)

We plan to elect office bearers on Sports’ Evening as well as the parent governor elections (it’s going to be a busy night!) so again, please actively consider how you could help in delivering a really exciting set of activities for our children.

Office bearers include:
Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

So go on! It’s only for a year and we really would love a vibrant group to get their heads together and plan amazing things!!


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