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Enrolment Policy

Enrolment Policy

The Enrolment Policy of Castlewellan Primary School has been formulated in accordance with the open enrolment arrangements, (the Education (NI) Order 1997) in order to assist Parents in relation to enrolment matters. The Chairperson of the Board of Governors or the Principal will be happy to clarify any further matters arising from the policy.

There is a statutory requirement that all schools must admit pupils up to an approved admissions number and within an overall enrolment number. These numbers are determined by the Department in consultation with Education and Library Boards (ELBs), the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools (CCMS) as appropriate, and Boards of Governors of schools and are based on the physical capacity of the school.

Currently, our Admissions number is 16 and our Enrolment number is 85.

Schools must publish the admissions criteria which will be used to select pupils if there are more applicants than places.

Castlewellan Primary School’s Admissions Criteria are:

P1 intake

Within these criteria, preference will be given to children in special circumstances (medical, social, security) where this is supported by satisfactory evidence from the statutory bodies.

  1. Children who have a brother/step-brother sister/step-sister, currently at school.
  2. Children whose parents/guardians attended the school.
  3. The first child within a family.
  4. Pupils whose parents/guardians are teachers employed in school.
  5. Pupils whose parents/guardians are otherwise employed in school.
  6. Non school age children (Reception) who meet the above criteria. (These children will be admitted after their 4th birthday).

Applications of admission to P1 after the beginning of the school year

Criteria as above

P2 – P7 intake

Criteria 1 to 5 above

The Board of Governors reserves the right to require such supplementary evidence as it may determine to support or verify information on any application form.

Also, please note that the provision of false or incorrect information within the deadlines set by primary schools can result in the withdrawal of a place and the inability to offer a place in the part if any school nominated on the applicant’s application form.

Appeals Procedure

Parents whose children are unable to gain a place in the school of their choice can appeal to an independent appeal tribunal.  That appeal can, however, only be on the basis that the school had not applied, or not correctly applied, the criteria which it used to select pupils.  Decisions of appeal tribunals are binding on all parties, ie the school, the ELBs and the Department.

Procedures and Guidelines

Pupils may be enrolled during the school year (if newly resident in the area or they have reached their fourth birthday – Reception class). Parents of pupils wishing to transfer from other schools should firstly make an appointment with the Principal to see around the school and discuss any issues or needs surrounding the child. Under the terms of The Education Welfare Act (2000) information concerning attendance and the child’s educational progress are to be provided by the school from which the child is transferring.

There is an Annual Open Day/ evening for prospective parents held in November prior to Open Enrolment.

New Reception/Year 1 spend one/ two informal periods in school at the end of June to familiarise themselves with their new environment.

Statemented Children with special needs will be placed by the SEELB Special Department in collaboration with the parents.

Children enrolled in our school are required to co-operate with and support the School/ Board of Governors’ Positive Behaviour policy as well as all other policies on curriculum, organisation, & management. The Board of Governors places Parents/ Guardians responsible for ensuring that their child(ren) co-operate with said policies in an age-appropriate way.

These policies may be added to and revised from time-to-time.