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Our aim is to provide a safe and secure environment for our pupils, staff and visitors.  Our Security Policy ensures that we have in place effective procedures to enable us to achieve this aim.


Management Responsibility – School security is shared between the SEELB, Governing Body and the Principal.

Role of the SEELB

The main role of the SEELB is to maintain an overall policy for security within its schools and to support and monitor its implementation by the School.

Role of the Governing Body

The Governing Body is responsible for formulating the Security Policy and monitoring its implementation.

At Castlewellan Primary School the Board of Governors monitor the policy on a yearly basis.  Any key issues that arise are addressed and the policy is updated accordingly.  The Governors’ Annual Report to Parents will include a statement on school security.

Role of the Principal

The Principal will be responsible for implementing the Security Policy agreed by the Governing Body.

The Principal will ensure:

  • all staff appreciate the importance of security and understand the school’s policy and their responsibilities;
  • staff training needs are kept under review and training as necessary;
  • parents are informed of the security Policy and encouraged to help;
  • SEELB carry out a Condition Survey every 5 years on all school within their estate. Any work needing done is reported to the relevant Maintenance Officer for review.
  • there are termly risk assessments conducted by the Principal and Building Supervisor;
  • in addition, routine security checks are carried out on an on-going basis by the Building Supervisor;
  • termly reports are made to the Governing Body and, where necessary, the SEELB;
  • all crimes are reported to the Police.

Specific Roles and responsibilities.

The following personnel have responsibilities for ensuring the security of the school building;



NB This is not an exhaustive list

Security of Pupils, Staff and Visitors

Security Strategies in School


  • Staff based in school are the only staff to have a door release tab.
  • staff to contact the School Office or senior staff in an emergency.
  • staff to have meetings with parents in the Peripetetic Room or in the Principal’s Office.
  • all staff must challenge visitors who are not wearing a visitor’s badge;


  • all visitors, including contractors, to come to main office entrance, report to School Secretary, sign in the visitors book and wear a visitors badge;
  • all parents to make an appointment to meet with a member of staff.
  • all other services (SEELB Services) based in the School must sign in at the School Office;
  • parents to be reminded of our security strategies on a regular basis through the School Bulletins written by the Principal;


  • door security tabs operate on the main entrance to school;
  • all external doors to be kept closed.  (Doors can be opened internally but no externally);
  • all rooms containing equipment that may pose a risk to be kept locked – Building Supervisor’s rooms.

Outside School

  • school gates to be kept locked out of school hours;
  • children must play in designated play areas. They are not allowed on grassed areas in the Autumn and Spring terms.
  • all staff to challenge unknown visitors on the school grounds during playtimes;


As required by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 a suitable assessment of risk posed by security must be carried out.

A risk assessment has been carried out by the school and will be continually monitored.

A copy of sample risk assessment form is attached to this framework policy.

Security of Equipment

Security strategies

Inside School Building

  • all expensive, portable equipment to be marked with invisible marker
  • all valuable and recognisable equipment to be photographed;
  • the infra-red intruder alarm system to be in operation when the school is closed;
  • staff to be responsible for returning ipads to the secured trolley;
  • staff to “sign out” equipment which is taken home

Outside School Building

  • security fencing to the front and side of the school to prevent intrusion.
  • 8 CCTV camera are in operation 24 hours a day. Footage is also stored on a PC hard drive.

Security of Staff, Visitors, Pupils and Equipment during whole-school events.

Fundraising Events

  • the original part of school to be locked
  • Classroom 4 (Years 5/6/7) is also to be locked and all personal belongings of staff are to be securely kept in the office.
  • Children should not be encouraged to play outside. Children are to remain inside for the duration of any event.

Monitoring of strategies

  • informally through verbal reports from staff and visitors;
  • formally through Board of Governors meetings

All staff to take shared responsibility to ensure the security strategies are implemented.